Let’s help the victim “Ibrahim Ali Rageh”

Ibrahim Ali Rageh, 35yrs of age was wounded by unknown men armed with pistols, he is not affiliated with any political or religion party, he doesn’t work with any local or international agency, but he is only a simple person who earns his living through his strength.

Two rounds which hit him on his right shoulder made Rageh paralyzed, he has no sense of feeling in the under part of his body, starting from the navel to his toes, he doesn’t feel hotness and coldness.

Rageh is married two wives and was the sole breadwinner of his family, but today he is thoroughly in need of his Somali brothers and sisters, since 2014 his relatives have taken him to all the medical centers in the country, but in vain.

Rageh is appealing for medical assistance from the 12 million Somalis.

If one million Somalis donate 1$ to Rageh’s cellphone number, it is for sure that there will be solution to Rageh’s long standing health complications.

Start the donation from yourself, don’t be selfish and share this video clip, our promise is to help or sharing.

“Everybody he is ready to help and assist me according to what he is able can donate me through these numbers”.

You are most welcome brothers and sisters it is me you brother Ibrahim Ali Rageh.

Written by: Mohammed Omar Hussein

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